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You Night helps participants embrace life beyond cancer.
Empower women to embrace life beyond cancer.
You Night is a program designed to address the emotional and mental effects that women experience after a cancer diagnosis. Women who enter the program are at various stages of treatment and/or recovery. The common bond shared among these survivors is that an invasive cancer has impacted their lives and that they recognize the need to face the cancer head on in order to move forward.   To read more about our program, click here

A sisterhood and a support group.
This experience changed the way I view myself as a woman by absolutely having to ignore that fearful voice and start speaking and living my truth. And as soon as I put myself (my cancer story) out there, my life started to change. I simply hold myself to a higher standard when it comes to the way I talk about my cancer survivorship to others. And that new way of talking about me as a cancer survivor leaked into the way I talked to myself. I actually start smiling when I see myself in the mirror. With You Night experience I have made shifts in how I handle things going forward. I speak up when a situation doesn’t feel right. I stand a little stronger every day. And now I can breathe a great big sigh of relief and say, “Finally” – I am a women who understands and Beat Cancer! Thanks to You Night for the Empowering Experience! Jerry Parker, You Night NOLA 2016

"No evidence of cancer" are words that any person wants to hear. But life after a cancer diagnosis can often leave a person feeling depressed and disconnected. You Night is a program that helps women examine the mental, emotional and spiritual impact that cancer has had on them, teaching empowering life skills that help them move forward. The common bond that unites all the participants is that they all have a desire to discover the strength they have within so that they can live life to the fullest, while at the same time, blessing and encouraging others. 
You Night was an extremely positive experience for me. After a year of holding my head high to be the "tough survivor", it gave me a chance to emotionally let it all out with people who truly understood and had "been there, done that". I was encouraged to let go of "the stone the weighs me down" and to cast it out has really refreshed my focus. I now remember that getting me through it all was my mantra that God gave me a second chance so to finally realize that being focused on my hair was so misplaced as I am just lucky to be here and HAVE hair. I also have come to the conclusion that I have hidden behind all that hair for years, and there really was a pretty person under there and still there. I am wearing makeup and walking tall even for work.  I wake up every morning and thank God for my blessings and You Night is at the top of the list I wasn't in a sorority during college since I worked fulltime but I am now experiencing having "sisters". My experience was game changing and I would recommend it to anyone going through or has gone through cancer.  Emily Barre' You Night NOLA 2016
"You Night does for my patients what I can't do for them"
--Dr. Scott Sullivan, Center for Restorative Breast Surgery

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Empower one, impact many! You Night could not exist without the support of our Legacy partners and the various types of donations that keep our program growing. Donations are recognized as a charitable contribution through our 501(c)3 "We Lift You Up" fund, making this program possible. 100% of all Legacy Fund Contributions help sustain and grow our program. Legacy partners enjoy a host of sponsor benefits, including VIP Experience Tickets.  
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The You Night platform gives participants the opportunity to share a message of hope with others.  Every participants' journey is unique, from their individual diagnosis, their treatment, and the inspirational way they persevered through recovery.

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