You Night helps women embrace life beyond cancer.​ 

You Night is a program that addresses the emotional needs of women who have had cancer.  We offer a unique alternative to cancer support groups, through goal-oriented, team building activities, resulting in a powerful sisterhood of support. 

You Night teaches cancer survivors how to overcome the physical and psychological challenges of cancer treatment through teamwork, coaching, and strong interpersonal support from a network of other survivors.

The program prepares women for life after cancer by re-building self esteem, appreciation for their own bodies, and a joy for living – all through structured experiences that prepare them to walk a fashion runway. The program culminates in a graduation ceremony that is a celebration of life -- a fashion show spot-lighting the survivors and attended by their friends, families and, importantly, their caregivers.
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No other cancer program in our community connects patients, physicians, family members, friends and business leaders together under one roof at this kind of celebration of life. We offer story telling that moves people. Whether you are a health care provider or a compassionate community member, please consider sponsoring our program which is gifted to the participants.  We offer a long list of benefits in return.

If you live in the New Orleans or St. Tammany area and would like to sign up to be in a future program, or join in anytime with our on-going activities, please click here to learn more about our program and to sign up to join.

If you would like to bring You Night to your city, please contact our team.

The goal of the You Night program is to develop a sisterhood of support.  Each time a class "graduates" from the program, they become part of an incredible network of survivors who continue to interact with each other, offering advice, encouragement and support.  Additionally, we offer year-round activitites that our alums stay active in.  To learn more about our participants, click ​ here.

  • Battle of the Models, Saturday April 6th / Slidell City Auditorium, Slidell
  • Weekend Retreat, Franklinton, LA Thursday June 13 - Saturday, June 15th
  • You Night New Orleans, Saturday, July 27th Contemporary Arts Center
  • You Night St. Tammany, Thursday, October 24th Castine Center

Read testimonials from past participants!  Our program has a lasting impact with proven results to help women live healthier, empowered lives.

Donate to the You Night scholarship fund.

The fund pays 100 percent of the costs for participation in various You Night programs, including our summer retreat. A $200 will cover the cost of sending a participant to our summer retreat. 

"Social Support tied to better cancer outcomes" 

According to a new study, cancer survivors with good social support networks seem to live longer and to have a lower risk of their cancer returning.

​Women with few social connections had a 43 percent higher risk of breast cancer returning, compared to well-connected women, the researchers found.

ARTICLE:   Fox News

"As soon as I put myself out there and shared my cancer story, my life began to change.  I began holding myself to a higher standard."

You Night was an extremely positive experience for me. After a year of holding my head high to be the "tough survivor", it gave me a chance to emotionally let it all out with people who truly understood and had "been there, done that". I was encouraged to let go of "the stone the weighs me down" and to cast it out has really refreshed my focus. I now remember that getting me through it all was my mantra that God gave me a second chance so to finally realize that being focused on my hair was so misplaced as I am just lucky to be here and HAVE hair. I also have come to the conclusion that I have hidden behind all that hair for years, and there really was a pretty person under there and still there. I am wearing makeup and walking tall even for work.  I wake up every morning and thank God for my blessings and You Night is at the top of the list I wasn't in a sorority during college since I worked fulltime but I am now experiencing having "sisters". My experience was game changing and I would recommend it to anyone going through or has gone through cancer.

Emily Barre'
You Night New Orleans Class of 2016
This experience changed the way I view myself as a woman by absolutely having to ignore that fearful voice and start speaking and living my truth. And as soon as I put myself (my cancer story) out there, my life started to change. I simply hold myself to a higher standard when it comes to the way I talk about my cancer survivorship to others. And that new way of talking about me as a cancer survivor leaked into the way I talked to myself. I actually start smiling when I see myself in the mirror. With You Night experience I have made shifts in how I handle things going forward. I speak up when a situation doesn’t feel right. I stand a little stronger every day. And now I can breathe a great big sigh of relief and say, “Finally” – I am a women who understands and Beat Cancer! Thanks to You Night for the Empowering Experience!

Jerry Parker
You Night New Orleans Class of 2016