You Night NOLA 2016
Mardi Gras World March 17, 2016

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You Night helps participants embrace life beyond cancer.
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Empower women to embrace life beyond cancer.
You Night is a six-month empowerment program for women who are learning to embrace life after a cancer diagnosis. You Night is for moms, daughters, sisters and friends -- women who have had to face cancer and are learning to move forward. Our empowering classes challenge participants to think beyond their normal limits, helping each person realize the enormity of their strength and courage. The experiential therapy helps participants explore the emotional, mental and spiritual side effects of cancer, in a positive, suportive and uplifting environment. To learn about the You Night program, click here.
Contributions to the "We Lift You Up" 501(c)3 Fund help sustain and grow the You Night Empowering Events program.
When you empower one, you impact many.
There are many ways to create a legacy.

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"No evidence of cancer" are words that any person wants to hear. But life after a cancer diagnosis can often leave a person feeling depressed and disconnected. You Night is a program that helps women examine the mental, emotional and spiritual impact that cancer has had on them, teaching empowering life skills that help them move forward. The common bond that unites all the participants is that they all have a desire to discover the strength they have within so that they can live life to the fullest, while at the same time, blessing and encouraging others. 

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We hold two signature events each year to celebrate the journeys and progress of our participants.  Our guests become part of the experience, sharing the love, joy and courageous spirit of our role models. 
Our two signature events are You Night St. Tammany (held in October) and You Night New Orleans (held in the Spring).  Far more than a fashion show, these events are a celebration of life! 
  • Now selling Early Bird Tickets to our New Orleans event at Mardi Gras World, Thursday, March 17th ("FIGHT CLUB" -- St. Patty's Day!). 
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Empower one, impact many! You Night could not exist without the support of our Legacy partners and the various types of donations that keep our program growing. Donations are recognized as a charitable contribution through our 501(c)3 "We Lift You Up" fund, making this program possible. 100% of all Legacy Fund Contributions help sustain and grow our program. Legacy partners enjoy a host of sponsor benefits, including VIP Experience Tickets.  
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Meet the amazing participants of You Night! You Night was founded in 2013, and to date, 100 amazing participants have been part of the You Night Experience Program.
The You Night platform gives participants the opportunity to share a message of hope with others.  Every participants' journey is unique, from their individual diagnosis, their treatment, and the inspirational way they persevered through recovery.

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Watch You Nights recent event in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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