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FROM ANONYMOUS:  It WAS an amazing event.  Every time I watch that video, I say I'm not going to cry but yet I tear up.  That you Lisa and everyone that made this possible
FROM LORI CHOPIN:    A HUGE Thank You to the "You Night 2013" event coordinators, Lisa, Celeste, Nancy, Lorna, and Susan.  We couldn't have done it without ALL of you.  What a team you are!  The event far passed my expectations; a phenomenal job was done by all.  The night was truly a life altering event, much like the cancer diagnosis.  To my fellow 2013 You Night Event survivors, we've come a long way, baby.  I will cherish each of you and the bond we have developed as friends, women and as survivors.    Thank you to all the sponsors for your generosity.  Without your involvement, this event would not have been a huge success! I have heard so much positive feedback from everyone I speak with.  A special thank you to my boutique and hair/make-up sponsors, Kim at Columbia Street Merchantile took lots of time with me selecting the most fabulous outfit. Mandie and Corie of Downtown Chic Salon worked their majic by providing a stunning hair sytle and gorgeous make-up. All involved made me feel very special.  Kudos to everyone involved in making the YOU NIGHT 2013 Event such a fun-filled, FABULOUS night to remember!!   Much love to all,     Lori Chopin
FROM GUEST:  As a father of one of the models, Laura Marr, I must say this was one of the most emotional events I've ever attended. It was an honor to be a part of it. The minute the first model walked on stage, I felt I had an emotional connection to that person and everyone thereafter. I felt like I was looking through a water fall due to the continual joyful and proud tears. The professionalism involved in this spectacular night far exceeded every expectation of mine. And to think that all this was put together in a short 4 months time, unfathomable.
Kudos to everyone involved.
FROM LACEY PIGLIA, LACEY STEVENS SALON   I first wanted to say THANK YOU for letting myself and my salon be apart of something so wonderful & beautiful. I  absolutely loved our models from the time they came into the salon & I think i loved them more after last night! I think I cried the entire fashion show! I was touched by every single moment of last night. You did an AMAZING job with EVERYTHING. Please keep me in mind for next year! I'd love to help with anything for the next event!   (Lacey Piglia)
FROM JANE FREUDENBERGER,   Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at St. Tammany Parish Hospital
Lisa,  Last night was a FABULOUS event! Thank you so much for all of your efforts (and that of your team) for such a joyous, life affirming event for all of us! The models were simply stunning and I found myself shedding tears of joy and pride for them. You are to be congratulated for empowering so many.   Blessings upon you,    Jane
FROM JENNIFER PEARSE, SOUTHERN BRIDAL:  I  wanted to say what a pleasure it was for Southern Bridal to be apart of such an amazing event!!  We are already looking forward to next year!!     Once again thank you so much for including us in such an amazing night!
Thanks again,
FROM TAMMY B WEISS:  Absolutely fabulous. Such fun to watch these ladies enjoy themselves and entertain us. Great job to all involved in putting this on!
FROM TAMMY RADECKER:  As one of the models in the debut of "You Night 2013", I cannot begin to express my thanks, praise, and gratitude to all of those involved.    From Lisa and Celeste, to the Committee, to my AWE-INSPIRING fellow 2013 models, to the boutiques and hair salons (a VERY SPECIAL Thank You to Gayle and Christine at Air Blow Dry Bar and Brandy at Mode), Jennifer at Southern Bridal, Million Dollar Tan, Bra Le Vie, Vizzini Handbags, Ooh La Bra, Creating U, ALL of the volunteers, my family and friends, the sponsors and audience at You Night, and anyone I have forgotten to mention ...... this list is pretty much endless!   Something magical happened Thursday night, October 17, 2013 and I'm STILL grinning from ear-to-ear!  You all have taken a part in making this event a total "WOW Experience" in my life.  I have never met and have never been more empowered by so many wonderful people, and the bottom line is, it's BECAUSE OF YOU!    I am truly excited for next year's models and can only hope that they gain one iota of what I have from this STELLAR EXPERIENCE!!!!!!
Debra Rehage
St. Tammany Class of 2013
Bra Le Vie was AMAZING! The sweetest of people!

Million Dollar Tan with the eyelashes - again, SO kind!!!!   Of course, Vizzini handbags - WOW!   Jennifer at Southern Bridal - another WOW!  Fleur de Lis Center - BEAUTIFUL!!!