Help our participants rediscover their beauty.

As an owner of a salon and boutique, you work everyday to make women feel spectacular.  Our aim, with your help, is to encourage our participants to recognize that they do possess the power to shine brightly.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge to get them on the right track to feeling positive about themselves. 
You Night is far more than an evening that showcases your beautiful talents as a boutique or salon owner.  It showcases the amazing community we have that lifts others up. 
When you empower one, you impact many!
The runway celebration is an evening where our models are meant to feel like rock stars.  When they FEEL like a rock star, they LOOK like a rock star!    Who better to show off your clothing, hair and make up than a model who feels on top of the world!
Sign up for our New Orleans event and St. Tammany Event by clicking the appropriate link below:


In exchange for your "adoption" of our model(s), all participating salons, boutiques and make-up artists will receive marketing promotions, which include:  robust social media marketing (Facebook), signage promotion at our runway celebration, listing in the runway program, and your name on the screen during the runway show.  Additional print advertising is available.  For more information on how to participate at a higher level, including how to be a Legacy Partner, call 877-591-5936 x2

Incredible visibility to 600 - 800 guests at each event, plus social media visibility reaching your targe demographics --- all for free in exchange for you "adopting" our models.
Salons and Boutiques receive:
  • Name prominently displayed on screen
  • Name listed in the runway program in three locations
  • Social Media posts featuring your salon and boutique
VIP "upgrade" legacy partnerships available (fee based) for additional exposure opportunities, including your name permanently listed on every page of this website in perpetuity.  For legacy partner opportunities, please contact Susan Bopp at 877-591-5936 x2