Congratulations You Night St. Tammany Class of 2015

On Thursday, October 22nd, the You Night St. Tammany Class of 2015 graduated from the You Night Empowerment program, celebrating in front of 700 guests at the Castine Center in Mandeville.  The event theme was, "Fight Club", culminating in a grand finale runway walk featuring the models in boxing robes.  Parish President Pat Brister, a breast cancer survivor, delivered a beautiful welcome speech.  WGNO news reporter, Kenny Lopez, was the night's master of ceremonies.  The Title Sponsor was The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery.  Presenting Sponsors were The Crescent River Port Pilots' Foundation and Center for Women's Health.  The stage sponsor was Dr. Richard Celentano and Dr. Celeste Lagarde.  For a complete  list of all event sponsors, scroll below.

"Catwalks, Cinderellas, & Fairy Godmothers"

WATCH VIDEO of the beautiful story of the You Night Class of 2015, told in this unique "Fairy Tale", written by You Night participant, Elise Angelette.

Congratulations You Night St. Tammany Class of 2015 

  1. Anne Marie Lamont
  1. Beth Cuadrado
  1. Charles Stansbury
  1. Cheryl Klein

Anne Marie Lamont

Beth Cuadrado

Charles Stansbury

Cheryl Klein

  1. Elise Angelette
  1. David Mancuso
  1. Title 1
  1. Jenni O'Neill

Elise Angelette

David Mancuso

Deidra Langridge

Jenni O'Neill

  1. Mary Kraft
  1. Lacey Toledano
  1. Lane Perez
  1. Melissa Kellum

Mary Kraft

Lane Perez

Melissa Kellum

Lacey Toledano

  1. Renee Thomason
  1. Patti Muller
  1. Michelle Dennis
  1. Sharon Hassinger

Renee Thomason

Michelle Dennis

Patti Muller

Sharon Hassinger

  1. Stephanie Ferrante
  1. Sherry Martinez
  1. Stephanie Broussard
  1. Yvonne Saux

Stephanie Ferrante

Stephanie Broussard

Yvonne Saux

Sherry Martinez

  1. Lori Lorentz
  1. Randi Mary

Lori Lorentz

Randi Mary

Thank you to the following companies that contributed to the success of our 2015 St. Tammany event

Title Sponsor
Center for Restorative Breast Surgery
Presenting Sponsors
Crescent River Port Pilots' Foundation
Center for Women's Health

Stage Sponsor
M. Celeste Legarde, M.D. & 
Richard Celantano, M.D.

Welcome Champagne Sponsor
Associated Branch Pilots

Launch Party & Runway
Rehearsal Sponsor
Rehab Dynamics, LLC

Legacy Party/Patron Party Host

Registration Assistance provided by:
Cheryl Delchamps Dedication
Dr. Michele Cooper

Legacy Partner Membership
Alice McNeely
"Flashlight" and "Fight Song" Tribute
Dr. Benjamin Boudreaux, MD
Northshore Plastic Surgery

Event Production
Lisa Mckenzie & Susan Bopp
You Night Empowering Events
Ooh La Bra, "We Lift You Up"

Official Boutiques
 First Collection, Formal Wear
Fleurt Boutique
Southern Bridal
The Mix
Second Collection, Winter Resort Inspired
Paisley Boutique
The Villa
Posh Boutique
The Mix
Emma's Shoes & Accessories
Vizzini Handbags
Third Collection, Grand Finale
Gracies Boutique & Salon
Juju's Boutique
Hemline Mandeville
The Mix
Emma's Shoes & Accessories
Vizzini Handbags

Official Salons
LaceySteven's Hair Salon
Looking Glass
Salon Tracery
Downtown Chic Salon
Emma's Shoes & Accessories
Vizzini Handbags
Runway and Model Coaching
Runway Director:
Celeste Hart, Creating U Academy for Acting, Modeling and Life Etiquette
Patricia Guevera
Lane McDougall
Food and Beverage
Marcos Pizza
Honey Baked Ham
Keith Youngs Steakhouse
Galligher's Grill
The Lake House
Sisters Catering
Morton's Seafood Restaurant
Mandina's Restaurant
Beam Suntory
New Orleans Daiquiris

Dylan Maras, White Donut Productions
Candra George, My Creative Reality