Student engagement to inspire next generation philanthropists
Pictured:  Former and current students at Creating U and Northlake Christian School volunteered time to assist with registration, greeting guests, backstage assistance with the models, and they got to showcase their talents for our guests.
A core mission of our program is to engage with students
who are eager to positively impact their communities and the world at large.
Ooh La Bra and You Night Events provides opportunities for students to share their time, talents and fresh ideas, so that they can benefit with on-hand experience, while also being involved first-hand with causes that do make a difference.

Millenials are making the world a much better place   The Millennial generation is one of the most open-minded: it is also the most self-expressive, diverse and optimistic about the future, and is on track to becoming the most educated generation in American history. -- Massachusetts Daily Collegian Mar 4, 2014

Why you can't ignore Millenials Even despite a poor economy, millennials strive to give back to society. 81 percent have donated money, good or services, reports a study by Walden University and Harriss Interactive. They strive to support causes that align with their values and personal belief system.  -- Forbes